George Benson helps launch Sky Sports new YouTube channel

George Benson has partnered with Sky Sports to help launch their new digital channel; and filmed content at the renowned Gillette Soccer Saturday studio along with co-hosts, Adam and Alex Smith at the QPR Stadium.
Sky Sports and Whistle Sports have launched a new social media channel that is dedicated to creating original football content for young fans around the world.

Using Sky’s popular Soccer AM brand, the new social media channel launched on Friday and will be available to watch on multiple platforms, with its own YouTube channel and a presence on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Vine.

“Whistle Sports has led the way in producing entertaining digital sports content in the US for some time now with hugely engaged audiences,” David Gibbs, director of digital media at Sky Sports.. “The new Soccer AM channel on social media is going to do something very different compared to what football supporters are used to from Sky Sports.”

“We will produce new types of content, with new presenters for new audiences. By combining our expertise and talent, we hope to produce something that will really excite young football fans,.” Gibbs added.

During the first event week of the launch, the release will focus on FIFA 16, bringing together some of the biggest names in vlogging to look at the characters that surround the game along with, its evolution, impact and role in sports gaming,

Sky Sports is Europe’s leading multi-platform sports broadcaster and Whistle Sports is the world’s largest sport-focused cross-platform network. The partnership brings together Sky’s expertise in producing award-winning, high-quality sports programming including football, rugby and cricket, with Whistle Sports’ proven capability in combining youth-orientated celebrities, innovative programming ideas and formats to make sports more accessible for younger audiences.