At Contego 360 we believe that an all-encompassing and individualised approach to management is essential for success.
A description of our services in full is available below.

Lifestyle Support

We understanding the demanding lifestyles that our clients lead, and therefore we provide a 24/7 lifestyle support service. Our team is on hand at all times to assist with all personal matters, including diary management, styling, medical attention, finances, and travel. Furthermore our clients also receive preferential rates and VIP service on mobile phone contracts and vehicle purchases.

Channel Management

As an independent agency we are not attached to a Multi-Channel Network (MCN). We have great partner relations with all major networks and therefore can ensure that our talent not only receives unparalleled representation within their field, but also that their terms of partnership are fair and reflective within the current marketplace. Our in-house team is also highly experienced in working with talent to maximise revenue, engagement, and audience development across all platforms.

Legal Support

The definition of Contego comes from the Latin “to protect”, and that’s exactly what we do. All of the deals we negotiate are overseen by a leading independent legal team based out of London and New York. Our legal team are equipped with a compelling track record in advising on contractual and IP related issues for talent involved in the entertainment, social media, and sporting worlds. The approach we have adopted to legal support ensures that our clients’ brands and interests are always protected.

Public Relations

As our name suggests, we provide a 360 approach to management. We offer controlled media and press to leverage our clients’ brands in both online and traditional media within the UK and Worldwide. In order to develop and protect our clients’ brands, we ensure that copy and picture approval is given on all press activity so that only the correct story and message is being conveyed to the reader.

Digital & Social Media

Our dedicated Digital team works very closely with our talent to develop original branding and content. We're extremely experienced in developing APP's, websites, and devising long-term social media strategies. We also work to develop our clients’ brands longterm and work to ensure relevant trademarks are registered. In addition, we work directly with all major social media networks to give our clients additional leverage.

Global Relations

We understand that leveraging our clients' global reach is vital to developing their brands. We work closely with partner agencies in New York, Los Angeles, and Asia along with having extensive global connections. This provides our talent with additional brand and sponsorship opportunities that would be otherwise unreachable.


We provide our clients with a comprehensive all encompassing travel service. We understand that finding the time to craft a perfect holiday can be difficult and time-consuming. Our team ensure that very element of the itinerary is managed, including travel and hotel accommodation, and services such as chauffeur airport transfers, airport assistance, spa treatments and restaurants.

VIP Services

Our clients’ benefit from a host of VIP services,money-can’t-buy’ events, experiences and everything in between. We have also partnered with 02 UK for exclusive VIP discounts on mobile phone contracts along with a host of benefits too – from a dedicated account manager and dedicated VIP UK-based customer service to enhanced account security and technical support.

Vehicle Purchases

We have negotiated exclusive discounts with all major car manufactures ensuring our clients get the best price on vehicle purchases.